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Written by Russ Larsen   
    The Ouija board is often a subject that comes up in conversation when discussing ghosts or ghost investigations. Is it evil? Does it work? These are among the most common questions. I will attempt to answer these based on my opinions and experience in the paranormal.
    I don’t believe that the Ouija is any more evil than your telephone. Imagine that you are in Seattle and a friend is in Miami. You can initiate a conversation by simply dialing his phone number and hoping he will pick up on the other end. Though this is much more clear than contacting a spirit or entity through some device, the concept is not that far off. This does however, present the first flaw of using the Ouija.
    Now imagine that you don’t have a phone number to reach your friend. You pick up the phone, dial an area code in his proximity, and then dial seven random numbers. You may be on the right track with the area code, but other than that it is a matter of luck. Your chance of reaching him are about none. You are most likely to reach someone on the other end that has no idea who you are looking for but is friendly. You may even find someone who is angry with your call and is very unhelpful. The least likely is contacting someone that will hunt you down and intend you harm.
    Now using the Ouija board is much like this in that most people have no way to direct questions to anyone specific. Even if contact is made, there is no real way to determine that it truly is who they claim to be. Thus inviting anyone who response to communicate with the user.
    Possibly the biggest danger of using the Ouija is the negative stigma that has been tied to it. With all the stories of animated Ouija boards and summoning of evil, it would be nearly impossible to have a clear mind and positive thoughts during use. As with any aspect of existence, if you deal with negativity, you will find more negativity.
    There is no power unique to the Ouija. The claims made by users are no different than claims made by mediums and spiritualists for centuries.
    The Ouija board is not necessary to accomplish spirit communications, but does focus the user's thoughts and concentration on the matter.
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